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Our Story

✍️Who Are We? (Who We Are) 


  Youth Travel was founded by S (Khun Nuttapon Sanpachot Padowan) starting from the fact that he had studied abroad. One of the problems with students traveling to study abroad is the weight of the luggage. and the price of having to buy extra weight S began to explore the possibility of finding the best and most cost-effective airfare for students.


  Initially tried to sell tickets to a few friends who studied at the same university for a year after trying to sell them to friends. More people know and dare to buy with S. At that moment, friends who had used the service came back to buy again. and told the younger generation by word of mouth causing more customers than expected and came up with the name Youth Travel, which literally translates to Travel of adolescents or young people until finally decided to register the company on February 19, 2021


  But then the Covid-19 crisis happened, causing many countries to close the country to not accept foreigners. including students Which was the main market for youth travel at that time, the company turned the crisis into an opportunity and tried to find new markets to replace the student market during the covids. We aim at the Thai market in foreign countries, especially Japan. Because there are quite a lot of Thai people living there. Which makes the need for travel a lot as well. Especially when traveling to Thailand at that time, there are quite a lot of documents and registration requests and it is difficult. Therefore, we look at the pain point at this point and bring it to our customers in the form of One-stop service.

  Over the past one year (2021), S and Kaori (Mr. Chotika Mitsumoto) have worked together to develop a reservation system as well as a youth travel service system. and provide new services such as airport shuttle service travel insurance And other services that are most suitable and meet the needs of our target audience, Youth travel has already sold more than 6,000 tickets and customer service, which ensures that we can be your personal travel assistant. you can

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